Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 android has stopped working

Dear Max, I recently saved up a lot of my money to buy a samsung galaxy s ii. I was able to buy one, and got one in the mail from ebay today for $300! But I found out that the phone was rooted so I looked online and found your guide and I followed all of the directions and it seemed to work, and was not rooted! But when it turned back on, it said that the android has stopped working, and my phone became VERY VERY slow and my phone doesn't even recognize my SIM card and I'm very very upset and my parents are FURIOUS with me... anything related to phone system/calling/sim card doesn't work! if i don't touch those parts of the phone, it works fine, but whenever for example, i go to settings and go to the call section, it freezes and crashes, and says "unfortunately, Settings has stopped." PLEASE HELP! my heart is literally so sad right now. :( please please help! thank you! -from a fellow asian who is a noob to this!

Try using Darkside Wipe and re-install a custom ROM.  That should fix.

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