Bad Reception on GSM Galaxy Nexus?

Bad Reception on GSM Galaxy Nexus?

For bad reception on your GSM Galaxy Nexus, you can fix easily by flashing different radios.

For example, I bought my GSM Galaxy Nexus from Europe which contained European radio. Due to that, I was getting very bad reception here in San Francisco, California. By swapping out my radio to a North American version, my reception problems disappeared where my data would disconnect at random times during the day.


I have these radios you can use for GSM Galaxy Nexus:

And also there’s a bunch of radios you can find on XDA Forums under
Galaxy nexus Android section:

For Verizon or Sprint Galaxy Nexus, I wouldn’t mess with the radios so
much as they usually work out of the box, only GSM phones have the
problem as radios differ across continents.

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