What is a Bootloop, Soft-brick, or Hard-brick?

What is a Bootloop, Soft-brick, or Hard-brick?

Bootloop is when your Android smartphone gets stuck on boot up, you might see a boot splash (such as Samsung/HTC/Motorla logo) or boot animation and your phone gets stuck there.

This is called “boot-loop” and your phone powers on but does not boot all the way and gets stuck. Also, bootloops are called “soft-bricks”.

Most “soft-bricks” or bootloops can be recovered by installing a new ROM or restoring ROM in custom recovery such as ClockworkMod Recovery. 99% of the time, soft-bricks are recoverable so it’s not a big deal.

However, “hard-bricks” are where your phone does not power on at all, no power. Some devices like HTC Evo 3D can also be unbricked during a hard-brick using unbricking software, usually this requires use of a Linux computer. However, for most Samsung devices, hard bricks are un-recoverable by the user unless he has a JTAG RIFF Box.

For JTAG repairs where you are hard-bricked and there’s no way to unbrick, you can refer to MobileTechVideos, who does most JTAG repairs for $50 to anywhere in the world plus shipping and handling.

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3 Responses to What is a Bootloop, Soft-brick, or Hard-brick?

  1. Alex Candelaria says:

    how do you fix sony xperia pro when it gets boot-looped ?

  2. tower says:

    If you have made a backup thats the best way, boot in recovery and restore from your backup. I have had to do that countless times while playing with roms on my GS3. Its kinda like pushing reset. If no backup then you could try flashing a different rom or re-flashing the one you were trying to use in the first place. If still no luck you can check the forums at AndroidForums.com thats where i turn when i get stuck.

  3. jake andres says:

    My phone is samsung galaxy s3.. Now i am experiencing the BOOTLOOP but it has no recovery settings necause my friend accidentally flash a huawei’s recovery settings i think… How can i fix this?? Please Help.. TNX

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